A home is a sensory experience made up of the textures and materials that reflect your inner spirit and lifestyle.
– Lisa Berman

New Construction

LBD works with clients to help create a home that matches their lifestyle – comfortable, easy, and a pleasure to be in – working from the ground up with their team of architects, builders, and landscapers.

Residential Design

Remodel: LBD works with clients to reinterpret their existing homes through materials, finishes and layouts – providing project management from start to finish.

Kitchen & Bath: Due to client demand, LBD specializes in refreshing these central, high-use areas of the home – overseeing complete installations of plumbing fixtures, finishes and layouts.

Custom Furnishings: If there is a piece that just can’t be sourced or is not perfect for the project at hand, LBD works with our network of passionate artisans and creatives to help design custom furniture and decorative objects designed just for you.

Design Consulting

For clients that are hands-on and detail-oriented, LBD provides a steady hand to hold during the entire design process. We’ll be there – from brainstorming to design shopping to material/finish selections.

LBD gives clients peace of mind – knowing that we will manage all aspects of a project from the beginning to the very end.
– Lisa Berman